Bureaucratic formalities

Bureaucratic formalities

As a private individual, it will happen a few times in your life to sell a house. A real estate agent breathes negotiations, laws and bureaucracy every day. Standards are constantly evolving, as are the required documents, issues and factors to consider. All things that you can do on your own, but considering dedicating the right time and attention to them, and the risks that can arise from not doing things in the best possible way.

How to deal with the systems, with tax deductions, with a possible mortgage application, transfers, and what documents are needed? In the agency you will be accompanied step by step in every phase of the sale: from the evaluation to the notarial deed and beyond.

The real estate agent is not simply the one who introduces you to a client who is potentially interested in your property. Contacting a real estate agent means being accompanied by an expert professional in the sector who will guide you step by step in the sale of your home, to make the transition faster, easier and to follow up on all those problems that could be insurmountable for you

How to choose the right agency

So far we have tried to list the advantages and disadvantages of selling your property as a private individual or contacting an agency. In choosing the real estate agent to rely on, there are many factors to evaluate. Choose a real estate agent who knows your area well and who has experience and is established in your city.  Rely on a local agent, who inspires you trust and with a good reputation, by asking friends and checking the reviews online, by visiting their website and pages on social networks.

Perhaps it may seem like the time not to buy a house. Yet it is precisely in times of crisis that the best opportunities can be exploited. Right now, there’s a good supply of housing stock and little competition, because people don’t think about buying a house right now. When you are worried about the future, you tend to raise cash and not spend. And for this very reason the next few months are ideal for buying a house, getting better prices. Precisely thanks to the lack of competition and the desire of those who sell, to monetize as soon as possible.